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Prize for Singing  Competition

Prize for Singing Competition

Prize for Quiz Competition

Prize for Quiz Competition


Types of Information Professionals


 1. Information Scientist – An official who provides Science of an information service than knowledge of traditional science.

  2. Information Officer –An official works in close cooperation with librarian and gives information from his own knowledge and from documents collected and administered and made available by the librarian.  
  3. Information Specialist – A person who is primarily concerned with the processing of data in a particular area of knowledge rather with the control of document.
  4. Information consultant -A Staff member who offers advice on the selection and use of databases and information services.


 “Sometimes you have to suffer in life… 
Not because you were bad… 
But because you didn’t know where to stop being good….”


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I am Manoj Kumar Sahu, from Hyderabad working in the area of Library & Information Science. This is my first ever web whose dedicated for Library Science and Popular Science. Here you can share and suggest about improvement of web page and make different different web page….

हर चुनौती में …


हर चुनौती में हमारा पहला संघर्ष खुद से ही होता है। जब हम खुद इस बात पर खुद को समझा लेते हैं कि हम ये कर सकते हैं, तो फिर जीत आसान हो जाती है।